Altec Voice of the Theatre

Altec A7-8

Altec A7-500-8

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Ever been to the movies ?

Voice of the Theatre A2
The largest ALTEC Voice of the Theatre system, the A2 is used in large enclosed environments, often in arrays for multichannel use.
Its unprecedented efficiency makes it capable of extremely high sound levels. Various high-frequency horns can be selected to optimally suit the application.

Voice of the Theatre A4
Similar to the A2, but smaller and with only half as many active components. Ideally suited for high-level in enclosed environments of larger dimensions, but where space limitations prevent the use of the A2.
The A4X is of the same size and appearance as the A4, but utilizes two compression drivers for increased high-frequency energy. A variety of high-frequency horns are available for both the A4 and A4X.

Voice of the Theatre A5X
A very popular system for medium-sized theatres, the A5X utilizes the same active components as the A2 and A4 but with only one bass driver and one high-frequency driver. Several different high-frequency horns are also available for this model.

Voice of the Theatre A7-8
Voice of the Theatre A7-500-8

For smaller theatres, or where space is at a premium for multitrack systems, the A7 is the choice.
The A7-500-8 features improved high-frequency projection over the A7-8, but both are less sensitive and capable of slightly less maximum acoustic output than the A5X. Sectoral horns only available for the A7's.

Voice of the Theatre A8
The A8 is a very slim unit designed for use where space is extremely limited. Sensitivity, maximum acoustic output, and low-frequency response are diminished as compared to the A7-8, A7-500-8 and A5X.
The A8, however, maintains the Voice of the Theatre standard of performance when used in smaller environments.

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Altec Voice of the Theatre, image 1
Altec Voice of the Theatre specifications
Title Value
A7-8 A7-8
Power : 50W
SPL : 101dB
Distribution pattern : 40°V x 90°H
LF drivers : 1x 416-8B
HF drivers : 1x 806-8B
HF horn : 1x 811B
Throat : N-801-8A
Network : 1x 828B
LF cabinet : 133 x 76 x 61cm
Dimensions :
Weight : 61,4kg.
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