Altec Model 19

Altec Nineteen

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 8 0 1980

Ahhh - a real full-size monitor !

Made of the 9440A stereo amplifier, the 729A active filter and the Model 19 studio monitor, the 19 is well remembered.
And the drivers themwelves are the same as in the famed A7-8 Voix du Théâtre : 416-8B 15" bass and 811B horn.

Remember that Maxell ad of the early 1980s, with the fellow getting a new hair style from just listening to music recorded on Maxell tapes ?
The 19 is about that feeling. As we say in french : ça décoiffe !

The main impedance dip is at 130Hz so powerful amps necessary. Beyond that, high-power capability (input and output), high-efficiency, deep bass foundations and wide stereo image.

As High Fidelity (USA) reported in 1978 :
"Loudspeakers traditionally are full of paradoxes, and the Altec Model 19, among its interesting properties, makes a startling contribution in that department.
The system is positively huge, to the point where even a relatively modest adjustment in its position is a job for two reasonably strong people, yet we have encountered few speakers that fade into the background so convincingly when they start to play music.
A listener is really hard-pressed to remember that what he is hearing is coming from those big boxes.

Altec Model 19, image 1 Altec Model 19, image 2 Altec Model 19, image 3
Altec Model 19 specifications
Title Value
Low driver : 416-8B (15" bass)
High driver : Radial Phase plug mounted to 811B sectoral horn
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Crossover frequency : 1,2Khz
Enclosure type : vented
Frequency response : 30Hz...20Khz
Operational power range : 10W...350W
65W continuous
Finish : hand-rubbed oiled walnut or oak
Grille : acoustically transparent knit fabric on removable frame
(black supplied with walnut cabinet, brown with oak cabinet)
Dimensions : 76,2 x 99,6 x 53,3cm
Weight : 64,9kg.
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