Aiwa dX-1000

October   1 9 8 2 october 1982
1 9 8 3 1983

One of the rarest 1st generation of CD players and, contrarily to many other brands, a full in-house development. Despite Sony's close proximity since the 1960s, the Aiwa dX-1000 was original from its very foundation.

The CD is put on the drawer upside down and clamped upward by the special spindle to be spun and read. Like a regular mechanism... just the other way around. Such a system allows to simplify the drawer system and also basic maintenance since the laser assembly remains very easily accessible - the exact opposite of the Yamaha CD-1 :)

Servo chips and digital filters were sourced from Sony but the digital to analogue converter finally retained was a Burr Brown PCM-53 JG-V-2, one generation up from a Pioneer P-D1 for instance.
There is, however, unlike most 1st gen' players, only one d/a chip for both audio channels. The optical pickup itself is a thick rectangular block reminiscent of the ones made by Sharp (?) ; it isn't a Sony for sure.

The Aiwa dX-1000 was planned to be rebadged by Grundig as CD35 (finally not produced) but did see a german version at Schneider, under the CDP8000 name and a later B&O version under the CD 50 name (with very different looks). The window between the two LED displays naturally allows to see the shiny disc spinning.

The dX-1000 is one of the four CD players that truly caught my attention in 1982.
I now own the other three (Pioneer P-D1, Yamaha CD-1, JVC XL-V1 - plus a few others :) but needed about 25 years to catch a worthwhile original catalog for the dX-1000.
I hope I won't have to wait another 25 years to finally enjoy an actual player.

The last pre-production sample (before october 1982) was named LX-d10 : identical but without the forward/backward skip function embedded into the play/ff/rew pads and the top protection "tit".
Also a larger load/eject button : as wide as the stop button above it. The reduction of that button allowed to write "full automatic..." instead of the rather banal "automatic" :)

This page is made with the original november 1982 8-page japanese catalog.

Aiwa dX-1000, image 1 Aiwa dX-1000, image 2 Aiwa dX-1000, image 3
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