Aiwa HD-X7000TC

Aiwa HD-X5000

1 9 9 4 1994
1 9 9 6 1996

Of the ultra-rare-ultra-invisibilia kind, the HD-X7000TC is a full-broadcast DAT recorder.

Aiwa made a nice reputation for itself with its excellent "Strasser" consumer portable DAT recorders so it was natural to go (try) for a machine specifically made for the pros. So much so that hhb in the UK rebadged the HD Aiwas under its own name : PDR 1000 and PDR 1000TC.

Where Sony relied on its PCM-7000 industry standard broadcast series for TC sync, Aiwa added to the HD-X5000 a separate portable Time Code unit which transformed the regular HD-X5000 into an HD-X7000TC.

Usual features of any TC sync unit are present like internal/external TC source, frame rate (24 / 25 / 29,97 drop frame or not / 30 fps), PAL/SeCam/NTSC TC record (free run, rec run or 24H clock), UB source and Load TC.
Communication goes through 75 Ohm BNC terminals for standard IEC 461 SMPTE/EBU Word Sync.

The HD-X5000 has the same feature as all professional recorders : 4DD motor, 12W built-in monitor loudspeaker, XLR balanced terminals, AES/EBU and S/PDif digital interfaces, MIC preamps with ATTenuator switches, 48V phantom power, limiter, record time clock, ID management and... no SCMS :)

The flap protecting the tape compartement hides the three main switches : analog/digital input selector, 48 / 44,1 / 32Khz sampling frequency and S/PDif or AES digital input, plus clock setting and eject buttons.

Power supply comes through a multi-voltage transformer giving 12V DC through a specific 4-pin XLR terminal but the HD-X recorders can be powered by a 6V DC MHB-220A battery or direct 12V DC through a specific adaptor.

Despite the proximity, the HD-X7000TC isn't a relooked TCD-D10 but a full-fledged Aiwa in-house development : specific motor, specific a/d and d/a sections, specific case and functions. The HD-X7000TC can be seen as a "cousin" of Sony's TCD-D10.

If Sony purchased 52% of Aiwa in the 1960s, Aiwa remained fully independent (like Victor vs. Matsushita) but exchanges and technology sharing happened constantly.
Even executives mobility : when Heitaro Nakajima retired from Sony after having put Sony at the top with PCM developments like CD, he took the CEO position at... Aiwa :)

Sony's well-remembered CDP-555ESD CD player had an Aiwa cousin under the XD-007 moniker : different drive, different chassis and circuits but the nearness of the Sony original is so obvious it barks at the viewer :)

Exchanges between Sony and Aiwa involved manufacturing plants and standards agreements. So the HD-X units probably got made in a Sony factory... or the TCD-D10 in an Aiwa factory.

The two units are nevertheless quite similar in functions, design and terminals : display sizes, buttons, features and general menu organization.

However, but for the DOU-17A drum head assembly, parts such as motors or PCBs are NOT compatible between the units.
Batteries aren't compatible either - you're either Sony (with Aiwa) or you're not !

Aiwa HD-X7000TC, image 1 Aiwa HD-X7000TC, image 2 Aiwa HD-X7000TC, image 3 Aiwa HD-X7000TC, image 4
Aiwa HD-X7000TC specifications
Title Value
Recorder Recorder
Analogue input sampling rates : 16bit linear 48 / 44.1 / 32Khz
12bit non-linear 32Khz (LP)
Digital in/out sampling rates : 48 / 44.1 / 32Khz 16bit linear / 32Khz 12bit non-linear
Frequency response : 10Hz...22Khz (± 1dB ; 48Khz fs)
S/N ratio : 90dB
Dynamic range : 90dB
THD : 0,01%
Analogue inputs : -66dB / 0,5mV (XLR 3-32 MIC, for 10kOhm load)
-14dB / 200mV (XLR 3-32 LINE, for 47kOhm load)
Analogue outputs : 2V RMS (RCA line, for 10kOhm load)
2x 12mW / 32 Ohm (headphones)
1x 50mW (built-in monitorr)
Digital inputs : 10V p-p / 110 Ohm (AES/EBU on XLR 3-31)
0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm (S/PDif on RCA coaxial)
Digital outputs : 5V p-p / 20 Ohm (AES/EBU on XLR 3-32)
0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm (S/PDif on RCA coaxial)
General General
Power sources : DC 12V
AC 110...240V
MHB-220A Ni-Mh battery
Dimensions : 24 x 9,5 x 17,7cm (HD-X5000)
24 x 5,5 x 17,7cm (TC unit)
Weight : 2,28kg (HD-X5000)
1,62kg (TC unit)
List price : 580,000¥ (HD-X7000TC)
380,000¥ (HD-X5000)
12,000¥ (MHB-220A)
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