Accuphase DP-65

1 9 9 3 november 1993
1 9 9 7 december 1997

Part Sony, part Accuphase.

The sixteen stereo digital-to-analogue ICs contained are Burr-Brown's 20Bit PCM-1702, while the drive itself is Sony's own G-Base also found in the Japan-only CDP-R3, the CDP-R1a drive and the contemporary CDP-X779ES & CDP-X707ES.

Along many hand-adjusted technical niceties, two 3-poles low-pass filters, optocouplers between sections, a highly linear digital volume control, fully balanced power-supplies and circuits (even the servo/controls' !) and outputs, the proverbial long-term Accuphase quality is provided.

However, as with any Compact Disc player, long-term means : "as long as the optical block does last".
I have no idea if Accuphase has kept a stock of spare blocks available for its older players. If not, a dead Accuphase player will only be... a dead Accuphase player.

Everything about it is available at Accuphase's own website.

Accuphase DP-65, image 1 Accuphase DP-65, image 2 Accuphase DP-65, image 3
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