Accuphase C-202

1 9 8 7 january 1987
1 9 9 2 1992

Smaller of the Accuphase lineups but future oriented : there is no input for LP turntables !

Beginning to be quite common on high-end units, XLR inputs for said CD source and outputs are at hand on the C-202. Accuphase's two-step loudness compensator is also here alongwith a front input.
To cope with the high output level of CD players, the C-202 sports a sort of dedicated pre-attenuator. Since no LP input is available, there isn't much to be matched but maybe a special circuit hides behind that pot...

The vanishingly low output impedance is a key feature : 50 Ohm with the XLR and... 1 Ohm with the RCAs !

Detailed circuit descriptions and specifications at Accuphase's and a mint C-202 at

Accuphase C-202, image 1
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