(1981 - 1987)

A luxurious looking pro monitor, the KX-20PS1 was meant to be the "analog hub" of its times. Built as a strict monitor, it needed the adjunction of a tuner to receive TV channels and of another to decode the European Teletext. Litterature diagrams showed with much appetite the sources the KX-20PS1 was prepared to be fed with: computers, satellite and cable TV, Laserdisc, CATV, video cameras, VCRs, ektachrome-to-video converters (very expensive in those days) or video games.

It naturally boasted a Trinitron tube that naturally couldn't foresee its "Super", "Black", "HiBlack", "Wide" let alone "Wega" futures... And although it sported a cool wireless remote control, the KX-20PS1 had still yet to gain a 'flat' tube, Nicam, PIP, POP, PAP, PDS/VPC or any other of those frivolous acronyms pros don't give a hoot about...

The KX-20PS1 sold extremely well worldwide, both on the consumer and professional sides of the market and many production companies got one - or two, or three, or more. Surviving units can still be seen tucked away in some studios - before Sony launched the dedicated BVW line or the black ProFeel in the late 1980s, a TV monitor was nothing else than a KX-20PS1. And if those over-worked PS1's tubes have seen better days, they are are too reminiscent of a blessed era and too good-looking, too, to be simply thrown away.
Several versions were released, even a 27" (KX-27PS1, a real bestseller in production companies), before the black ProFeel lineup came in in '87. But it is the original ProFeel, the 20PS1 that became a well remembered design landmark.



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