Victor TT-801
(1981 - 1984)

Turbo Disc Stabilizer System
Trendy during the early 80s (Luxman PD-555 or PD-300, numerous Audio Technica add-ons, many Micro Seikis), the vacuum pump to keep records tightly "bonded" to the platter was one more tweak to bring LP replay to auditory nirvana.

CD would kill all of these ultra-engineered systems but some manufacturers did make air-isolated CD drives :)

The TT-801 is an xxx-rare drive, culmination of the well received but smaller TT-101, TT-81 or TT-71. The system isn't that different from that of Luxman, but the latter had its bearing located much closer to the spindle.

The complete system consisted of the TT-801 drive, TS-1 air pump and CL-P10 base, with blank or pre-drilled CL-P1D, P2D and P3D armboards. The total almost reached the 300,000¥ mark, and that was without tonearm - TURBO had a price.
The TS-1 could be adapted to the QL-A95 integrated turntable.

Since the Victor TT-801 was never exported, it never was named JVC TT-801 but only Victor TT-801...


The images for this post come from a Victor 4-page ad, a "Best Product" and "Match" Stereo Sound sections - the latter comparing the TT-801 and Luxman PD-300 ; all of these sources are dated 1981.

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