Jean-Marie Reynaud OFFRANDE

If the french never really managed to become well-known for their amplifiers, tuners or turntables, France was and perhaps still is the one country with as many loudspeaker brands as there are streets with a boulangerie. France is a country of drivers, filters and loudspeakers : there were about two hundred active loudspeaker manufacturers registered in the 1980s !

Some are well-known : Elipson (still active after all these years), Audax, Cabasse, Triangle and JM-Lab are still there and selling high and low. Many brands vanished all too quickly despite grand musical and commercial successes (the excellent 3A or Siare), while others sometime disappear and resurface every other seven years to present a(nother) "reference" loudspeaker - Leedh for instance. There were also many really obscure outfits which finally produced very little, like Espace.

Jean-Marie Reynaud never enjoyed the commercial success of Siare, let alone of Cabasse, but as a result is still here, active within the same sonic line, with the same technical slants, and without having drowned into low-quality production or ultra-buck silliness.
The Offrande is still produced today, even if in fairly different forms. The one I had the chance to hear in 1995 was the original Offrande (or V1), shown here : I was amazed and I still want a pair.

Despite small-ish dimensions, the Offrande is a super-concentrate of high-tech (drivers) and a marvel of development and optimization (enclosure, filter, dedicated HP cable). The overall development started with the custom drivers and ended with the enclosure.

Luckily, Jean-Marie Reynaud has a "discontinued" products page (in english !) so the entire technical description can be (and must be) read there. Read it all and twice.

It should be noted, however, that the online description and images correspond to the Offrande V2. The visible difference is the addition of a second phase plug atop the tweeter ; non-visible differences lie in the filter and crossover frequencies (1,2kHz vs. 600Hz for the V2), low frequency response (50Hz vs. 30Hz for the V2), maximum input power (70W/180W vs. 90W/260W for the V2) and nominal distortion (1,3% vs. 0,6%).

The original Offrande (V1) was slightly later offered an optional subwoofer with the same high-tech low driver (but doubled), cabling and structure as in the Offrande : triangular transmission line with coupled resonator.
This subwoofer basically has the height of the dedicated stands shown here (80cm) and the depth/width and type of enclosure structure of the Offrande ; its frequency response is of 35...250Hz, 89dB SPL, 110W/340W power, 8Ohm nominal impedance and 12dB/octave slope.

The Offrande V2 saw a later "Signature" version and is now available in its "Supreme" form... I for one would happily settle with a pair of Offrande V2 -sans subwoofer- until the day I kick the bucket.



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