P-855 nII
M-955 nII / 260
D-655 nII
T-466 nII
A-755 nII

(1975 - ?)

Early INTEGRA units, all adorned with an "NII" tag, the meaning of which I know nothing about.
The three separates are of the "1+1" dual-channel kind - and Dual Channel here means dual power transformers !

The 955 power amp sports a Class-A/Class-B switch and 2 15,000µF double caps (60,000µF in toto) ; 2x 28W are available in Class-A (1kHz) and 2x 130W in Class-B (1kHz) ; 19,8kg on the balance.

The 655 crossover has a doubled-up mid channel, selectable slopes (6 or 12dB/oct.), a damping selector when used with a 12dB slope (0,7 / 0,8 / 0,9 / 1,0) and selectable high/low cuts for each channel ; active when using the 12dB, passive when using the 6dB position ; 9,8kg on the balance.

The 855 preamp sports a two position loudness control (low / high&low), 2 turnovers for the tone controls (125Hz / 400Hz for bass, 2kHz / 8kHz for treble), two-position filters (10Hz / 30Hz for low, 5kHz / 20kHz for high), a 3-position phono input level for both phono inputs (1,2 / 2,4 / 4,8mV), two preamp outputs, a nifty LED peak indicator for the phono inputs, 0,01% THD and 9,2kg on the balance.

The simplified 755 integrated amp operates in Class-B and can deliver 2x 50W at 1kHz into 8Ohm with no more than 0,05% THD at 1kHz ; 46,7 x 16,1 x 38,4cm and 12,8kg on the balance.

The 566 tuner sports an 1,9µV sensitivity (IHF, 3,3µV at s/n 50dB), a 73dB s/n ratio (IHF), the same dimensions as the 755 and a hefty 8,4kg on the balance.

I don't think these were available outside Japan but would love to hear from an owner just the same !

You can see the M-955 nII in detail at amp8.com and at amp8.com again !


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