Braun Receiver R1
(1983 - 1985+)

Center of the "Atelier R" system, with the Atelier 2 and 3 taking on a more high-endish style. And pricetag! The stark and sober designs of Dieter Rams were getting here a little too crowded with functions and displays - sign'o'the times. But perhaps more interesting than the R1 itself is what Braun was planning to unveil in the coming years:

CD1 CD player
DC1 Digital Cassette recorder
VR1 Video recorder
VR1 Video Disc player
HD1 Concert Hall Decoder
AV1 AV control center
VT1 Video tuner
VM1 video monitor.

Yes - almost all digital, all A/V and surround-sound oriented. This would have made quite a set... if the japanese sledge-hammer industry didn't make it impossible for Braun to compete. Producing in ever smaller numbers the famed "Atelier" series, Braun withdrew from the audio market at the turn of the 1990s and most of these units never saw the light of day.

All Atelier units were made of aluminium fronts and sides, with plastic for the top and steel for the bottom plate. A flap at the back hides all cables, conveying the power cords through the AF1 stand as well.

A tiny little Braun rewind is available here.

stacked between a P2 turntable and C1 tape deck, all gathered on the AF1 stand.



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