Philips AH 673 tuner
Philips AH 572 preamplifier
Philips AH 578 amplifier

"Manufactured by Philips High Fidelity Laboratories Ltd. USA"

Philips' penultimate super high-end lineup - impressive, rare.
And made in America !

In 1978, Philips was then very busy perfecting its VLP/ALP system that would quickly become CD (with Sony) and the future Magnavision/Laservision with a few other partners.
Trying to corner the market, too, with low-end catalogs, high-end catalogs, MFB speakers, television sets and, of course, video recorders! Philips was also just about to buy Marantz from Superscope, a move which gradually depleted Philips' own high-end offerings which managed, however, to remain available (with highs and lows) until the early 90s.

As per Philips' habits, the real name of the units has a 2-digit code added in front of the "regular" name, so :
Philips 22AH673,
Philips 22AH578.

All three units were available in black as well, with a "1" added (ie. 22AH6731) as "professional" versions.

I unfortunately have few specs and not many images on the amp and preamp so far but the AH 673 tuner is here present as complete as can be.
This post will see updates as soon as appropriate literature comes in. In the meantime, do click the thumbnails below !

The yellow-ish and "all together now" images are sourced from a German 1978/79 catalog ; the tall image from a french 1980 catalog whch shows the AF 977 LP turntable and N 5741 recorder at the top.
The tuner detailed descriptions were made possible thanks to the patience of Rodger Bownds.

AH 673
AH 572
AH 578
power amplifier
together now
A review of the 673 tuner is available you know where.


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