Micro Seiki
MS-2 + MP-1

A major OEM and developper for just about

in Japan,
, for once, didn't actually produce the MicroMonitor electrostatic headphones : STAX did !
In exchange of this exchange, Micro made the UA-7 and UA-9 tonearms for STAX :) Why try to do something you have no experience in when the company next door has - a very sane and simple way to do business, isn't it ?

So the MS-2 sports high-compliance polyurethane drivers set with micro-photo etching for excellent uniformity and improved power-handling linearity. Weighing only 240g and boasting a frequency response up to 25kHz.

The MP-1 works with a 9V battery that will last about 2000 hours - a lot of LP records played and more cartridges used than you'd care to think of. Hooked to any amplifier, before the loudspeakers, the front switch allows to listen all alone, coiffed by your MS-2, or less autistically, with friends. Or in between : bended on paper, with glasses on and a trumpet in your mouth.



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