Aiwa "22"
My Pace

(1979 - 1984)

Probably the most successful "mini" system ever sold during high-fidelity's good times. Not only did Aiwa sell many, but several other manufacturer's rebadged Aiwa's and sold the same components under their own name !

I have found so far four different versions : BASF (who attempted several times to crash the audio market), Metz (yes - the photographic flash maker, who also attempted several times to crash the audio market), Uher later on with a radically different design and Wega. The latter rebadge being quite strange given Sony's 100% ownership since 1975... even if Aiwa was under 52% Sony ownership and many sharing of engineers and factories.
Other versions were made, too, even if briefly and only in select markets.

Metal, cast aluminium, steel enclosures - and surprisingly good sound to boot. Like Sony's Precise P7 or the Toshiba System 15, this was all the 1970s could offer in quality budget with the upcoming 1980s' slick and unobtrusive packages.
As for the Sony Falcon, naturally, Japan saw a myriad of 22 dedicated racks and accessories and lower-end versions which would require an entire TVK to be displayed properly ; the four racks below are nevertheless the most interesting.

Aiwa produced many later versions until 1983 but none had the success of the original "22". Only Sony managed to top Aiwa's success with its Heli system, known as FH-7 outside Japan.


You will find a review by David Price here and many nudies of some here.

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integrated amplifier
power amplifier
stereo tuner
TV MPX Sound tuner
digital audio timer
reverberation mixer
stereo turntable

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