Micro Seiki

(1985 - 1992+)

Ahhh - chances are you and I will never, ever, see (or hear) one of those - too scarce outside Japan.

Micro's very big air-bearing vacuum turntable : very big because the smaller equivalent is the already big SX-555FVW.
Both turntables are based on the same systems but vary in size, weight and mostly on the platter assembly.

First in the works is the suspension system : a combination of highly viscous oil, an air chamber, heavy duty tapered metal coils and compressed rubber insulators. This four-way combination allows the SX turntables to be placed on a live loudspeaker and not suffer any kind of feedback - or so the literature says. This system was patented by Micro.

Next up is the all important platter : machined from solid bronze (outer) and split in two to insert the air sealing parts, the spindle shaft and platter remain separated by a 0,03mm cushion of air fed by the RP-1110 outboard air pump. This is as Luxman (aka Micro...) and Victor had done since 1979/80 in the PD-555 and TT-801 - only even tighter.

The tonearm base and motor/platter are linked together through a cast steel sub-chassis (à la Luxman PD-300, aka... Micro :) to avoid all the problems that arise when suspensions are done separately, as in most light-weight Thorens and Thorens lookalike...

The inertia moment of the motor + dual platter assembly amounts to 1500kg/cm2 - one ton ; the dual platter weighs 10kg.

Next is the frame : just heavy at 18,1 kilos of real wood and very good-looking, too, as veneered in rosewood. The tonearm base is typical Micro : machined from solid brass and bolted in six places. The rest is flimsy in comparison : two speeds with ±6% pitch control and simultaneous or separate power on of turntable and/or air pump.
The SX-111FVL is the larger version (in width) which can accomodate Long tonearms.

Pretty rare, even in Japan - people were already more into CD when the SX-555 and SX-111 were launched...
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