Rabco SL-8E
Rabco ST-4

The japanese ultra-high-tech offerings notwithstanding, Rabco's SL-8E probably is the one and only well remembered Linear Tracking tonearm, and mostly as installed on Harman/Kardon's ST-7 and ST-6 turntables.

It is a pity linear trackers are either very finicky (then), dependent upon unobtainable spare parts (for the japanese 1978/1984 units) or of the ultra-buck kind (now) for it really is the only proper way to accurately read an LP from outer to inner groove.


More about Rabco at audiotools, more about the SL-8E at audiotools as well ; the SL-8 within a larger scheme and absolutely everything about Rabco tonearms at soundfountain (and more).

Above: the SL-8E tonearm
the ST-4 turntable
which would give way to the Harman/Kardon models.


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