Sony TCD-D10
Sony TCD-D10 PRO
(1992 -1998)

Taking up where the extremely successful TCD-D5 left off - same durability, same quality, same ease of use... in digital.

Unlike most portable DAT recorders, the TCD-D10 sports a full-size drum assembly ; the one used here (DOH-01) is the same as that in the rare PCM-2000 portable (1988) and DRD-100 duplicator. The motor itself comes fom the ubiquitous DTC-1000ES and the d/a chip from the Burr Brown PCM56 series.

At 2kg with the battery pack (1,8kg without), the TCD-D10 ProII wasn't portable as we hear it today but it was and still is far longer lasting than almost anything we can access today. Since DAT tapes age very little if properly stored, the goal of recording itself was fully reached... and kept.

The "D" in D10 stands for "Densuke" : a 1950s successful japanese newspaper cartoon which featured an early Sony portable recorder. The name of the character stuck and Sony used it until 2005.

Detailed views of the previous two versions (D10 & D10 PRO) right here.



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