Sony TA-1150
(may 1972 - 1976)

Although the TA-1150 looks more gimmicky than its TA-1130 elder, thanks to its linear vertical volume slider, it is in fact a step further into full 1970s engineering - even 1980s if one considers the power transistors that were used.

DC-coupled, SEPP-OTL, balanced differential power supply, DC preamp section with complementary low-noise transistors in each EQ and tone amplifiers. And the eight power transistors themselves aren't the usual bulky TO-3 boxes but modern devices which could fit onto the heatsinks of a TA-N77ES or a Marantz SM-80 - in 1972 !

Feature-wise, the Sony TA-1150 was well endowed, even going as far as integrating 4-CH compatibility (by way of a dedicated loop), allowing the separation of the pre and power sections (by way of another dedicated loop) and keeping the "center" output that was on the original 1965 ES TA-2000 and which the TA-1130 didn't have...
The rest is more common : plenty of sources, low & high filters, turnover frequencies for the bass/treble controls etc. All steel and aluminium - no plug-in cards but built like almost everything still was then : sound & solid.

Just as the earlier TA-1130 or the original TA-1120 (and variants), the TA-1150 sold amazingly well all over the planet, along its dedicated ST-5150 tuner.
Variants of the TA-1150 are the TA-1140 (depending on market) and a later TA-5150D which added minor circuit revisions in 1974 - the worldwide TA-1150 probably is the equivalent of that TA-1150D. Gradually replacing this very successful series was the 1st V-Fet generation in 1974, then the TA-F6B / TA-F7B in 1976, then the "new world" TA-F80 in 1978.

Marketing-wise, the TA-1150 was part of Sony's first "all together" system : the well-known Listen 5. There was no Listen 3 because, at that higher price point, serious audiophiles don't buy all-in-one packs - however good !

Above : The TA-1150 & ST-5150 above a TA-1130 & ST-5130, the TAC-1N enclosure and the Listen 5 system which consisted of the PS-2300A turntable ( a PS-2250 variant with a low-end variant of the PUA-237 tonearm), ST-5150 tuner, SS-7100 ULM loudspeakers, a dedicated rack and the TC-2150SD cassette recorder.

Other views of the TA-1150 here ; of the TA-1150D here.



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