Sony PUA-1600L
Sony PUA-1600S

(1974 - 1978)

Developped for the PS-8750 flagship, and later on available separately either as a long version (28,6cm) or as the standard "S" with 23,7cm effective length.

Both sported two-point sapphire supports on chromed steel needle bearings. The light aluminium wand is damped internally with special materials.

The dedicated headshell (SH-160) is a mix of aluminium and carbon fibers ; all contacts are gold-plated. The original carbon wand version of the PS-8750 was not made available separately.

Unlike the previous PUA-286 and PUA-237, the 1600S and 1600L tonearms sold very little, despite a very affordable price of 32,000¥ and 29,800¥, respectively - compare that to the 60,000¥ of a PUA-9 ! This is quite probably due to Sony's abscence of advertising for them - and the usual snobism regarding Sony audio components.

However, you'll be VERY surprised by the quality of these - educated high-end and very well built.




You may find the 1600L and 1600S along other tonearms' specs here.
!! There is a transport safety security for both versions which can find all about here !!

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