Sansui 3000
(june 1970)

Full-size solid-state receiver with 97 transistors and diodes - tubes were gone, forever. At least until what would be left of Sansui would revive the 1965 AU-111, some 29 years after the Model 3000 was introduced...

SEPP OTL circuit, 7-gang varicap (4 for FM), a special driver transformer, low-frequency amp stage with silicon epitaxial planar transistors, protection circuit, FM stereo MPX section, center-channel output and... four indicator lamps !

To make up for that slightly cold description of technicalities, Sansui designed very interesting knobs which Philips would all too shortly revive in the late 1970s. Beautiful and simple, warm, inviting...
Updated (or also available ?) in august 1970 with minor changes in layout and functions - mostly a black sub-panel Sansui 3000.



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