Technical Audio Devices

Much less know than JBL or (nowadays) ALTEC, Technical Audio Devices high-efficiency loudspeakers rule in a good part of the serious studios.

What is less knwon is that T.A.D. is a direct offspring of... Pioneer ! Yup : Pioneer forged the TAD-to-be in the early to mid 1970s when working on its very successful HPM Series.
A new brand was quick to emerge from this research and T.A.D. started competing against Westlake, JBL and ALTEC.

Pioneer used TAD to supply drivers and/or complete loudspeakers to the Japan-only series of EXCLUSIVE loudspeakers such as the Exclusive 3401 (1979, a TSM-2 variant with ET-703 super-tweeter and TN-703 network), Exclusive Model 2401 Twin (aka TSM-1), Exclusive Model 2402 (aka TSM-2), Exclusive S5 (1989) or Exclusive Model 2251 (1993) - and quite a few others.

If ALTEC sadly went south in the 1990s, JBL isn't really present in the serious studios which leave us with TAD and Westlake.
Plus the myriad of rarely satisying self-powered Genelecs that gradually invaded small studios and venues...
But TAD drivers and loudspeakers are standard for the real work. One just needs a lot of room. And a lot of cash.


It should be noted that TAD (i.e. Pioneer) recently started to develop consumer products, coincidentally with Pioneer's 70th anniversary.
bit like ALTEC did in the 1980s - let's hope TAD will be more successful there than ALTEC was with the Bias Series...

TSM-1 TD-4001 TD-2001 ET-703 TM-1201 TH-4001
TSM-2 TL-1601a TL-1601b TL-1602 TL-1603 TN
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