Westlake SM-1
(1988 - ...)

Your search for the ultimate loudspeaker is finally over - or so said Westalke in 1989.

The 5-way SM-1 is a professional studio monitor with dedicated external crossovers. Each Tower SM-1 weighs 450kg - your audiophile Atacama stands won't do.

Three versions were made available:
SM-1F (variant of the above)
SM-1VF (vertical, left)
SM-1VT (or Tower SM-1, below).

The SM-1 uses three separate compression drivers for the mid, high and ultra-high frequency bands. The lower frequencies are reproduced by two 18" woofers and the all important midbass frequencies are sung by a 12" polygraphite 14-kilogauss driver sealed in its own sub-cabinet. The SM-1 is natually heavily dampened and braced.

Active or passive crossover configurations are possible with either the MRX-2 or SM-1X dedicated units. The MRX-2 is of the two-way active kind, with passive internal filters ; the SM-1X is a four-way active unit, with bi-wiring available for the high and low frequency inputs to go quad-amplification. The two units used in conjunction allow for pent-amplification !

Standard veneers were walnut, oak or black satin ; optional colors rosewood, high-gloss black or high-gloss white - rosewood would do for me.

The Tower SM-1 is still available from Westlake Audio and so are the SM-1VF, the original SM-1 (all with upgraded power input capabilities), and the two external crossovers - good things last forever.




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